Monday, October 02, 2006


Original: $21.50
If you are a true-blue Diva-Fashionista-in training, you should already be well aware that the trend this season is leggings. Leggings are EVERYWHERE. Thanks to the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Sienna Miller (The Divas BFFs, of course) you are more than welcome to wear them with practically anything and everything. Wear them under long shirts, dresses, jumpers, or The Divas favorite, super short skirts (The Diva LOVES to show off her legs, because of course, they are fabulous). Shoes to wear with, you ask? Well, that my darlings depends solely on the length of your leggings. Now, Lindsay might go the ballet flats route (you know The Divas thoughts on flats). Sienna might go the chic ankle boots route. The Diva prefers heels all the way. Platforms, mind you. She loves platforms with leggings. So, go buy a pair of leggings. Heck, buy five. At $14.99/each, you most certainly cant afford NOT to.

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