Thursday, October 12, 2006


The Diva is quite frustrated this morning. She woke up from her beauty slumber to find out that all of a sudden it is winter! What happened to our carefree days of sandal-wearing, beach-romping, and margarita drinking? It is too damn cold this morning so The Diva thought she would do a post about stylish winter boots. So, as she is typing from her laptop while under her covers, she will tell you about these fabulous finds from They are sure to keep your tootsies warm while still being so Diva-ishly Debonair. Its time to pull out the Kalua for a warm Irish Coffee, Yum. Brrrr. The Diva hates cold weather.

KORS, Michael Kors - $249.99

You will be the center the universe with these stylish boots from KORS by Michael Kors. The round tow and wedge heel are most definately the look this season.
And with a 4-inch heel you can tower over people like The Diva.

Vivre - $250.00

Love this one with a faux shearling lining. And The Diva also adores the chocolate color. Simply imagine: skinny jeans tucked into these puppies with a fabulous swear.
Can we say Beautiful Ski Bunny??

SM NEW YORK - $61.99

Loving the detail on these. And at $61.99? Hell of a deal.
And still tower-able with a 3 inch heel.

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The Home Spa Goddess said...

You must be in Chicago! It was so cold here today I had to pull out the hats, scarfs and gloves. Yuck!