Tuesday, October 10, 2006


468x60 Think Pink

Who says pink is boring? Certainly not This Diva. Sure, you may decide to wear some Haynes-Her-Way T-shirt with a big pink ribbon on it for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but The Diva would rather get a Oligve Home Perm (eeeeekkkk!) than dress herself in Haynes-Her-Way. That is why she just simply adores RedEnvelope.com. You can not only be supportive of such a wonderful cause, but also adorn your Dressing Room just like Paris Hilton - all in pink. Now, Paris Hilton is such a dear friend of The Diva, and they do agree on many things. And one is this: That Pink, my darlings, is oh so CHIC.

Think Pink Monogrammed Soaps $30.00
Oooo! The Diva LOVES monogramming!

Think Pink Truffles $25.00
The Diva will assume you know a womans relationship with chocolate

Think Pink Silk Pajamas $115.00
(Good Lord, you can get these monogrammed too? And with chocolate piping? I need to sit down and....breathe....slowly....)

Think Pink Mini Croc Cocktail Shaker $25.00

The Diva cannot begin to explain her giddiness over this one. She feels like Karen in Will and Grace as she can tote this one around in her purse. Martini-on-the-Go if you will, and stylishly at that. Can this possibly be any cuter??

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