Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Hmmmm. The Diva has decided that although these are the same Alexander McQueen dress, she thinks they look very different. There is something to be said for that. The hot pink changes the entire look of the dress. You go from classy to rock star.

Sienna Miller donned her black Alexander McQueen dress for the Interview premiere in London in October, while the Cashmere Mafia star Lucy Liu added a belt to her fuchsia version while visiting The Late Show just this week.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


The Diva has a bit of spring fever. She cannot tell a lie about that. She has changed out her dressing room with the sweaters and boots, and filled them with fun skirts and sandles. (ok, well, so maybe she just had a new closet built, but same difference, right?) She just couldn't part with her winter wardrobe just yet. But Boden is making it much easier with these super cute skirts! I mean, seriously, how fun and unique are these??

Fancy Long Applique Skirt - $108.00

in brown, blue and ivory

Floral Skirt - $98

in stone, brown, green and teal

Swishy Applique Skirt - $114.00

in brown, ivory and white

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Diva can do funky. Not many women can pull it off. I know, you are surprised. The Diva can pull of so many looks. And, as you know, she is a big advocate of accessories making the perfect outfit. And that is obvious with this truly funkified necklace from Boden. But, she urges you to please purchase with care. Make sure you can handle it. Leave your attire with the necklace only. Do not over accessorize.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


But of course, The Diva also knows that sometimes her favorite salon cannot see her at a moments notice. (Whatever, those stupid salons simply do not know what a star she is) Anywho, sometimes The Diva has to sacrifice at home and do her blowouts herself. That is why she simply cannot live without her Hairart Ceramic Straightening Iron. She simply does not know what she has ever done without it. She simply dries her hair, and then slides this fab iron over each piece for a super straight glossy finish. And she promises she is not trying to immulate the likes of Beyonce, Nicole Kidman or Demi Moore. Her hair is fabulous all on its own. Promise!

Hairart Ceramic Iron - $90

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


So, who rocked this star-studded ensemble? I know what you're thinking. Yes, I get that they are "superstars" but do they literally have to wear it? Anywho, the Diva digresses. Carmen Electra decided on this sparkly Catherine Malandrino ensemble dress at TRL back in January 2007, while almost a year later, Paris Hilton showed off her celestial print dress at a salon opening in Las Vegas. Aaannnndd, we all are just going to whisper about the fact that Paris wore it a YEAR later. What a fashion faux pas.

Friday, January 18, 2008


The Diva is sick of the winter blahs. Christmas parties are over, and she is ready for the weather to CHANGE!! What better way to "spring" into spring (ha, ha The Diva makes a giggle) than to tempt yourself with these fine jackets? Be one step ahead of those sorry souls that wait until spring to shop. And you know how the Diva loves outerwear!

Belted Coat - $128 - in yellow, stone and blue - adorable!

Silk Linen Coat - $168 - in blue, ivory and red

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


The Diva loves pretty nails. In fact, she pretty much is obsessed with them. She refuses to be like her old BFF Britney Spears and actually be photographed with nasty nails! I mean, I know Britney Spears, like The Diva, have people around her that tend to her. That is why there is NO EXCUSE when there are neato products like Avon's Instant Manicure around. They are EASY, FAST, and are base, color and top coat in one! I mean, seriously, your assistant can be putting these on you when you are having a martini. NO EXCUSES DITs.

Monday, January 14, 2008

If there is one piece of clothing that The Diva shyly admits to going overboard with, that is outerwear. I mean, come on. During these insane crazy winter months, what do people see? Do they see your designer outfit with you fab top that you spent a month's salary on? Um, no, not usually!! They see your fabulous coat! Now, The Diva begs - BEGS you to please not neglect your outerwear. There are just too many fab coats out there. Just think of them as the icing on your winter cake.
Juicy Couture Heather Sweater Coat - $328

Juicy Couture Heather Pewter Sweater Coat

Friday, January 11, 2008

$69.99 - Jessica Simpson plaid heels

If there has been one relationship in The Diva's life that she could honestly say was her longest lasting, most meaningful, it would have to be her relationship with shoes. You know that Sex and the City episode where Carrie goes to the baby shower and someone stole her Manolos? Well, if it were The Diva, you would see her picture on the front of The New York Times. The Heading would read

Diva goes crazy. Goes on shoe-crazy killing rampage.

And that would just not be good. But, alas, she does love them. She has not been super crazy about the new Jessica Simpson line, but there are a few that make her a bit giddy. She thinks Jessica tries to do too much with her line. If she would just keep the styles simple, she would do well. But she adds a buckle where there does not need to be. Or change the color of the heel when it doesn't need to but. Things like that drive The Diva nuts. But she does like this tan plaid style from Jessica's line. Its very winter chic. Very classy, She like patterned shoes.

Save at!

New Hollywood it girl Hayden Panettiere loves her black leather Tracy Zych purse. She carries it everywhere. And its a basic black, so it will look fab with basically anything. And don't you love the buckle accents? SO chic. So, who wants to be like Hayden? Me! Me! The Diva! The Diva! The Diva! Want the look for less? Try Target.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


The Diva says its a new year. (I know, DUH, right?) Sometimes The Diva states the obvious. However, it IS a new year, so she thinks its time for a new fragrance. She has been obsessed with Chanel, as any Diva would be, but the fabulous scent of Prada for Women is leading her astray. With scents of mandarin, vanilla, rose absolute, labdanum, bergamont, tonka bean, bitter orange, and sandalwood, you too will be the envy of all that come within three feet of you. And its one of those fragrances that you can wear day or night. But, if you are the Diva, those might run together anyway.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Is is The Diva's BFF Katherine Heigel, who celebrated her 29th birthday in her Juicy Couture jacket, or Naomi Watts bundled up in her plaid coat while out and about in N.Y.C.?

Psst! Buy it at Blommys!

Friday, January 04, 2008


The Diva loves bracelets. And only really, really FAB bracelets. They can either make or destroy your ensemble. They should only accent. They should really aad a little bit of glam to your outfit. And cuffs are all the rage right now. And she has simply found some stunning cuff bracelets at ShopTwigs. And she was stunned silly that she has just now discovered this delightful boutique. See for yourself. And pick up some Cuff Bracelets.

Lucite Tortoise Cuff with Citrine - $78

Print Cuff in Beige and Black - $115

Black and Gold Cuff - $54

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Brown tall boots should be a staple in every stylish woman's wardrobe. A Staple. There are numerous ways to wear them. They are suitable with dresses, skirts, shorts, and of course, jeans, a la Jessica Biel. And as you can see, she thinks this look is fab. And The Diva agrees. Want the look for less? Try Kitson. Then you can be BFFs with The Diva AND Jessica.

Companion Road® Tweed Coat with Faux Fur Trim - $29.99
Companion Road® Cheetah Vest - $29.99
Companion Road® Faux Fur Trim Sweater - $21.99
Companion Road® Knit Hat and Scarf Set - $9.99
The Diva says not to neglect your little babies. She is one to point out that all accessories should be fabulous. And seeing as her BFFs Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton seem to tote their pups around wherever they go, she does agree that they should look fabulous as well, no? Especially during the cold winter months! They should be just as warm and toasty as you. That is why she adores all the new outfits that PetSmarthas!
Outfit your pet in style! Thats what The Diva does. Ands she is always right.


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Imagine this. The Diva has had one of her usual late nights and she is not feeling all too glam. She has just been invited to brunch with the girls and is in one of those casual moods and not wanting to get too dolled up. She rummages in her closet and pulls out the Generra French Terry Dress. She puts of a pair of knee high brown boots and there you have it. Comfy, low maintenance, and the perfect look. Casual, chic, urban and feminine. An EASY QUICK outfit And what do you know? She still was glam.

Generra French Terry Dress

Generra French Terry Dress $165