Sunday, December 03, 2006

Maxximum "Bridle Suede" Satchel - $98.00
A funky shape with contrast stitching and metalhardware details. Suede bag with top zip closure. 6 inch handle drop. With 2 open inside pockets and 1 zip pocket. 7" H x 4-1/2" W x 4" D.


It's the Holidays. The Diva has so many parties to go to, she simply has lost count. She has, of course, the hottest outfits and accessories. She also has the cutest "underneath" wear as well. She truly believes you mustn't forget about cute lingerie. (*ahem*, you never know who *ahem might see it later, if you catch her drift) She is in love with these super cute Zebra Print Booty Shorts from How fabulous are these? A thin elastic waistband gives this stretch nylon booty short a low-rise hipster fit, and it has a super cute cat logo at the front. Only $9.00 each! Woohoo!

BABY PHAT Booty Shorts - $9.00
The Diva has a hard time this time of year. She doesn't like to shop for other people. She likes to be the one to open gifts. She's the shopaholic, after all. What makes it easier? These fabulous gift enclosure cards from Fashion Flair Cards. How cute are these? Is there a more fabulous way to label a gift pray tell? She thinks not.
Gift Enclosure Cards from Fashion Flair Cards
set of 20/$12 Fitness Equipment Store

I don't know about you, but The Diva lives in denial this time of year. She wasn't the one who snagged that last crab puff. She wasn't the one who drank the last of the Sangria. Looking for the person who snuck the last little bit of turkey and dressing? Don't look to The Diva. She'll simply deny everything. But, also do not find it surprising to see boxes of fitness equipment and active wear arriving at her door. See, The Diva will deny she stuffs her face during the holidays, but yet she also seems to be more interested in fitness and working out too. Hmmmm. Me thinks there is something here that just doesn't add up...

anyway, one thing she has recently been obsessed with is Pilates. Thats why she loves Melissa Walker's Pilates Anywhere, Anytime Kit. So easy, so convenient and all in one box! The kit includes SPRI Xertubes, Door Attachments, Exercise Mat and Instructional Video all for $48.99. And free shipping! So, get to working out. Noone likes a Flabby Florence.

SPRI Pilates Anywhere, Anytime Kit, presented by Melissa Walker


Monday, November 13, 2006

Ooooo! A QUESTION! The Diva looooooves questions. This hottie reader posted the following question after my Burberry scarf post:

How do you suggest wearing this scarf...drape it...tie it...wrap it?

Thank you for the question. In my opinion, it totally depends on what you are wearing. Are you wearing it under a heavy coat? Are you wearing it over a cute top and jeans and no coat? All of these come into play when deciding how to tie it. (And believe me - there are tons of ways!) It also depends on you. Some ties that look good on some people look hideous on The Diva and make her look like a turtle. (and who wants to look like a turtle?) Lucky for us we have the power of the internet. The Diva found this fabu site with oodles of ideas. Like this:

European Casual

Double Flip

Classic Flip

Classic Drape

Double Knot

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Diva is (as you know) is a self-proclaimed shopaholic. What that also means is that she is a credit card company's BFF. She's no stranger to Department Store cards, Visa's, American Express: You name it, she'll charge it. But she will admit that is it quite hard to keep all of her cards organized. That is why she simply adores these super cute Credit Card Totes from I mean, can these be any cuter??? And come on, at $18.00 each, you can get one to match each of your fall colored purses.

Oooo, it's cold outside Divas!! But The Diva assures you that even though it is cold enough to want to dress like the stay-puff marshmallow man, The Diva begs of you to please stay stylish. How do you do that, you ask? Well, accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!! Take the oh so fabulous Burberry scarf from DITs (Divas-in-Training) this should be a STAPLE accessory in your wardrobe. It is a MUST, hear?

Burberry Wool Olive Green Plaid Long Scarf - $109.00
Ever so poplar Burberry Wool Long Scarf.
This classic plaid scarf is soft and made of 100% wool, which will keep you warm in style and is a perfect gift.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Diva has never been more excited for a beauty trend! There is no hotter look than the fabulous trend sported by beautiful gals such as The Diva (of course) Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Hilary Duff. What is it you ask? Goth Nails. Oh yes, my little DITs (Divas-In-Training). Dark, goth-like nails are all the rage right now. But before you even THINK about trying this look out, The Diva demands you adhere to the following rules:

1. Black polish looks best on short, square nails. Too long or too pointy and you turn into a vampy trasionista - not a fashionista.

2. If The Diva dares see a chip in your polish, she might very well slap you silly.
Use a top coat daily! It takes five seconds and feels better than a slap.

3. Use two to three coats. No one wants to be Streaky Stella.
4. If black is a little too dramatic for you, try a deep red, plum, or burgundy.

The creme-de-la-creme of polishes to try? Chanel's Black Satin. The problem? It's sold out everywhere. So, good luck finding it. This Diva's advice? Go Ebay. It's your only shot. Auctions are here, here and here.

Ahhh, The Diva's old BFF Kate Moss. The Diva does agree that she is and always will be a style icon. However, The Diva regrets Kate's poor taste in footwear. (no 3 inch heel?? hellloo)While you may think it is quite suitable (and maybe in style) to wear moccasin boots, The Diva suggests you refrain from wearing these unless

1. It is Halloween and you are dressed Tiger Lilly
2. It is Halloween and you are dressed as Pocahontas

However, The Diva still loves Ms. Moss and if her readers do too, then The Diva must oblige. So here: You can get these oh so snazzy Women's Minnetonka Front Lace Boots at for $63.45. Just please do not buy them for The Diva as a gift.

oh, and P.S: Kate, please stop stalking The Diva with your emails and phone calls. She simply thinks the boots are frigging ugly.


The Diva goes nowhere without her beautiful monogrammed linen handkerchief. You see, The Diva was brought up properly. She was raised to always carry a handkerchief with her at all times in her classic handbag. She is a Southern Belle after all...

Oh, hell, who is she fooling? She only carries it with her because when she sees fabulous, gorgeous jewelry, she tends to drool. So sue her.

How about these from jewelry designer Erin Lilies? One part Fire Opal, one part Clear Swarovski Crystal, one part filigree chandelier and one part silver plated ear hook. And as Erin herself says, "That's a recipe that is sure to look so hot, it's cool." And only $23?
Oh puuuul-leeze. Excuse me while I wipe the drool.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Every Diva has a secret. Be it: how many men she has slept with, double-sided tape, padded bras, or....super-secret discount shopping. And really, that is why you keep coming to her site, right? To hope that The Diva will divulge her inner-most secrets. But, she hopes that this secret is one you hopefully already know: She has been shopping here almost since its inception in 1998. The Diva finds it impossible to find so many fabulous designers all in one place. Want Prada or Via Spiga heels? Fabulous. Hermes or BCBG handbag? You got it. Nicole Miller or Betsy Johnson dress? You bet. Bellino bed linens? Oooooooo.....

You can be assured that you will be overwhelmed at the style. But she also thinks that if you have an alcoholic beverage, it makes the shopping easier.

Via Spiga - $117.00
BCBG - $106.99

The Diva must apologize for her recent absence. She will say that she has been in a drunken comatosed ball on the floor after the recent news of the breakup of her BFFs Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe. So sad, so sad.

So, she is needing to feel pretty and relaxed. And what better way to do that than get a massage. She is hoping her masseuse will use these fabulous products from She is loving this Khepra Massage Therapy Kit. It contains Khepra Massage Oil, Khepra Massage Therapy Lotion, and the Khepra Foot Balm. All for the fabulous price of $19.95 and in its own convenient bag. This should keep her hot sweaty muscle-bound masseuse busy for several hours. Yummm.

Khepra Sensual Massage Care Kit

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

fred flare black with color logo

Some might say The Diva could easily be compared to the Wicked Witch of the West. (The Diva just giggles at that, because she secretly calls herself the Wicked 'Bitch' of the West.)

But that did make her think of fun striped leg wear! Even though you only were entranced on The Witch's unfortunate green face and large nose, you must have also noticed her fabulous striped leg wear and black heels, correct? Everyone just seems to remember that other girl - 'Dorothy' - the one with the hideous checkered dress and red shoes. I mean come on. Which would you rather wear? A apron and unmatched shoes? Or a black dress, striped tights and black heels. EXACTLY. As far as The Diva is concerned, different is always much more fabulous.

100% Nylon, these leggings are Bitch of the West Approved. Perfect to wear under tunics or dresses! One size. Pick from blue stripes, pink with lace, black w/ lace, or cheetah! Get them at the uber different


Thursday, October 19, 2006


The Diva understands that she has already posted about boots once already, but she simply just loves her Michael Kors Boots. She got the low-down on them after talking to her BFF Jessica Simpson. Jessica also loves her Michael Kors Boots. She wears them everywhere. The Diva did explain to Jessica that sometimes when you are photographed, it is not always necessary to have your mouth wide open. Sometimes its okay just to smile. But Jessica does not always listen to The Diva. Ov vey. You can get your very own Michael Kors Boots too and be our new BFF. The Diva, you and Jessica will be such good friends and go to lunch and parties together and dress alike. It will be so much fun. Just wait and see.

The actual boots. In all of their fabulousness, they are a measley $778.95. And worth every penny, The Diva assures you.

But, if you simply cannot bear to spend $800 bucks on a pair of boots, then The Diva begs you to take a look at these Dr. Scholls Illusion Boots. (and she is going to forget for a minute that Dr. Scholls even makes halfway stylish shoes for people under the age of 95). They are stylish, and look quite similar to the Michael Kors. And at $153.00, they are a hell of a deal.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


David's Cookies (Fairfield Gourmet Foods Corporation)

The Diva was in one of those crabby moods. Nothing seemed to lift her spirits. She was just bitch-slapping people left and right. She was demanding to her hair and makeup people. So much so that she had to eventually apologize for the scar left on the head of her hairdresser when she threw the hairdryer at him. Innocent mistake, really.

All of that changed, though, when she had these yummy David's Cookies placed in front of her. What is it about chocolate that just makes a girl swoon? Who needs some silly ole' man anyway? Certainly not this Diva. She simply adores chocolate. Any shpae, form, or fashion. And David's Cookies are just the ticket.

Seriously, you can live alone on fresh baked cookies. The Diva guarantees it. Get a tin of these fabu cookies for only $29.99.

And, oh goodness gracious, you can get them each month? I think The Diva's hairdresser would appreciate this. In fact, I think every one of your should get me this for Christmas. I mean, it's the least you can do.


Or, just buy this tin of cookie dough and bake them yourself. (Or just eat it directly of the tin, like The Diva)


Monday, October 16, 2006

For the latest trends of utter fabulousness, The Diva loves MaxStudio's styles are sold in high-end boutiques, department stores, and (thankfully) online. And in this installment, The Diva is all about the skirts. (Think fall and winter chic. Think tights and platforms. Think tall boots. Think how effing good you will look in these)

The Diva guarantees you will be the Belle of the Ball in this long bubble skirt. Cut from a luxe iridescent taffeta, these are so very in this season. It has a side zip, fits true to size, and falls 29 inches from the waist.

The Diva loves to take one random piece and picture an entire outfit (shes a DIVA that way). With this sassy corduroy camel pleated skirt, she is thinking long sweater, brown tights and some chunky tall light tan boots or even fabu platforms. And she can hear you whispering, Is this not a Britney Spears school-girl look? Oh no, my darlings. These are H O T right now. Also fits true to size, it falls 17 inches fro, the waist.

A skirt to wear the most this season? This fun textured black skirt will do the trick. The Diva loves this one because you have the flexibility to dress it up or down. Pair it with a black fitted cashmere and heels to wear to a gala, or over leggings and platforms for a fun night out. Fully lined, it fits true to size and falls 27 inches from the waist.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Dear Diva,

I am a stylish nightmare. I am looking for a fall handbag that is unique, cute, and that everyone will notice. I want to be the center of attention for once. HELP!



Dear Diva-Wanna-Be,

Please understand that it is only The Diva that will ever be the center of attention, kay? Kay. So, you are looking for a unique fall bag that everyone will notice? Look no further than Margaret Nicole. Based in uber trendy Greenwich Village in New York, Margaret Nicole's designs are hand knit, very unique, and completely stylish. She knows style, and has the press to back it up. She has been featured in Vogue, In Style, and Cosmopolitan magazines. (Of course, her major press has been the red carpet premieres The Diva carries it to). The Diva is in love with all her designs. She owns the black bangle bag herself, but simply adores her classic clutch.

And what else is so completely fab about her designs? You can color coordinate them with any outfit! Simply change the ribbon to the many different colors she offers. The Diva guarantees that this bag will get you noticed.


The Diva

The fall and winter is a busy time at Chateau de Diva. The Divas chef and personal assistant will be very, very busy trying to plan parties and get-togethers. But, they are not all big parties. Some are intimate girls nights. The Diva can not watch shows like The Bachelor alone, can she? It seems silly for her to degrade and belittle those silly girls all by herself. So, she enjoys company. When she has the girls over, they enjoy fabulous wine and fabulous food. Their favorite, or course, is fondue. They enjoy nothing more than to dip strawberries, apples and other fruit into yummy chocolate. Or bread and veggies into a pot full of melted cheese. The Diva is excited just thinking about it. That is why she loves the Trudeau 24 Piece 3 in 1 Stainless Steel Fondue Set from It is the perfect size for her and her friends. Even though The Diva always gets the first dip, they will agree that is is always a splendid night with fondue and wine.

Friday, October 13, 2006


Picture this: Its Saturday Night and you are on your way to a v. social get-together amongst friends. You have always wanted to be fabulous, just did not know how. You have bought this ultra fab super glam black dress. You know it will make you stand out, but its just not enough. You think, what is that one thing that will make heads turn? What is going to be your ONE special piece that people will remember? What will make people say, "Well, that girl obviously knows style."

The Diva knows from experience. She has the RAIN earrings from Prismera Design. The Diva has never worn a piece of jewelry that so many people have commented on. They are oooohhh so simple, chic and elegant. Laura Su knows what she is doing. Every piece is extremely high quality and handmade. They are created with 14K or sterling, with pristine, faceted Czech crystals, Austrian crystals by Swarovski and Preciosa.

RAIN - $50.00

These are the longest earrings The Diva has ever seen. Oh so elegant. The drops mingle in long hair like raindrops. Beautiful Preciosa cut crystal, sterling silver. Available in crystal or light rose. Falls an unbelievable 7.25" from ear. (can you even begin to imagine how effing fabulous I look in these??)

Debutante -$62.00

Falling 4 inches, these and so classy, so chic. Piles of sterling chain finished with black diamond crystals create a perfect sheath of mystery. (Can you not see yourself as a debutante in these?)

Countess - $98.00

Think Bridal Chic. Intricate sterling filigree with a sparkling blue topaz briolette. Make it your something blue.