Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Okay, The Diva giggles at the title of this post, but alas, she loves the look of the simple virgin-like white dress. And the good thing is that they are everywhere this summer. And in every different shape and price. A fashion idea? Pair it with a fab belt and boho necklace.

The Diva likes trends. She likes to pretend that she is classic chic and endlessly stylish. But, she loves a good trend. See, she said a GOOD trend. Some trends she can do without. She still has not bought or worn a pair of leggings. But she digs this rocker chic look of pairing a cropped leather jacket with a girly dress. She loves the contrast. She likes how its a fabulous way of dressing down an occasion. Its a great excuse to wear your oh so fab party dress to a casual dinner. Just throw on the jacket and you are good to go. So, be like The Divas BFF Nicole Richie and get one. Be part of the cool clique.