Sunday, October 15, 2006

The fall and winter is a busy time at Chateau de Diva. The Divas chef and personal assistant will be very, very busy trying to plan parties and get-togethers. But, they are not all big parties. Some are intimate girls nights. The Diva can not watch shows like The Bachelor alone, can she? It seems silly for her to degrade and belittle those silly girls all by herself. So, she enjoys company. When she has the girls over, they enjoy fabulous wine and fabulous food. Their favorite, or course, is fondue. They enjoy nothing more than to dip strawberries, apples and other fruit into yummy chocolate. Or bread and veggies into a pot full of melted cheese. The Diva is excited just thinking about it. That is why she loves the Trudeau 24 Piece 3 in 1 Stainless Steel Fondue Set from It is the perfect size for her and her friends. Even though The Diva always gets the first dip, they will agree that is is always a splendid night with fondue and wine.

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