Tuesday, October 24, 2006

fred flare black with color logo

Some might say The Diva could easily be compared to the Wicked Witch of the West. (The Diva just giggles at that, because she secretly calls herself the Wicked 'Bitch' of the West.)

But that did make her think of fun striped leg wear! Even though you only were entranced on The Witch's unfortunate green face and large nose, you must have also noticed her fabulous striped leg wear and black heels, correct? Everyone just seems to remember that other girl - 'Dorothy' - the one with the hideous checkered dress and red shoes. I mean come on. Which would you rather wear? A apron and unmatched shoes? Or a black dress, striped tights and black heels. EXACTLY. As far as The Diva is concerned, different is always much more fabulous.

100% Nylon, these leggings are Bitch of the West Approved. Perfect to wear under tunics or dresses! One size. Pick from blue stripes, pink with lace, black w/ lace, or cheetah! Get them at the uber different FredFlare.com.


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Joanne said...

I would rather wear that kickass gingham dress and the red heels because;
1. I cannot abide the leggings trend 2. I have worn both gingham, and red shoes with an outfit otherwise devoid of red, sometime in my life (to great success, may I add) and
3. in terms of fall trends, red shoes > leggings.