Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Diva's favorite Londoner (aside from Victoria Beckham, she looovvvveees her) is at it again. My new BFF across the pond, Kate Middleton has (gasp!) worn something twice...again!!!

While on two different shopping trips (August 1st and 8th) , The Dutchess was spotted wearing the same scarf as well as the sweater. Hmmm, this Diva thinks that she could have at least swapped out the accessories, but yet I am not the future queen, so I can't talk, right?

Photo: Bauer-Griffin

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lovely of the Week

Things the Diva loves about these shoes...

1. Tory Burch. Enough said.
2. The print. The Diva loves adding a little bit of animal print to most outfits. Its a little style pop.
3. They could go casual, with jeans, sweater, and fun scarf, or more formal, with a LBD or could go to work, like in the picture above.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The New IT girl.

Mila Kunis is, in most regards, Hollywood's new IT girl. She is the new icon of fashion, the new icon of beauty, and the new actress that everyone wants in their movies. While this Diva did NOT like the polka-dot look on one Ms. Olivia Wilda, (sorry, girl) she LOVES on on Ms. Mila. However, what the Diva is most after are those swoon-worth platform Mary Janes.

photo: Splash News Online

Here's a good second, and probably more affordable option:


Saturday, August 13, 2011


This Diva might be late in this game of nail-trends, but she is I.N. L.O.V.E. with Shellac. Love, love, love, love and again, LOVE.

What is Shellac? It is an entire new way to think of nail polish. Most nail salons are using it now. Its more expensive, but worth every penny. It is 14-day wear. 14 days....with twin toddlers, um, yes please! It has virtuanlly zeor dry time, I think mine took about a minute or so. Again, if you have children....hello!! Who has time to wait on nails to dry? And its looks super shiny the entire duration.This Diva HIGHLY recommends it.

Try it out the next time. You will NOT be disappointed.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Khloe Kardashian also got the memo that pink is "in", whicle shopping in Beverly Hills in a fuchsia Myne dress and statement sandals.

Photo: EM43/Splash News Online

Dear Olivia Wilde,

I did not realize your next movie is apparently going to be "The New Little House on the Prairie", and you felt the need to make the your mark in the  fashion world by trying to bring back the prairie dress look. Ummm, note received. But, this Diva shan't be cultivating this look anytime soon. She has curves, and a nice body (post-twins, mind you) and refuses to cover it up in a polka-dot horrid number circa 1800's on something like that.


The Diva

photo: PA Photos/Landov

Emma Stone was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon this week promoting her new movie, The Help (opening this weekend, this Diva LOVED the book). She was wearing a fabulous bold in a swingy hot-pink dress and chartreuse Brian Atwood pumps. This Diva personally loves bold, poppy dresses. Not too sure about the shoes yet, but they are growing on her. And she is also really into the swing dress look right now.  Its a very easy way to look fabulous while still enojying a few cocktails and sushi :)

Other looks in pink (all Nordstroms):






Another celebrity is getting into the fashion design business! The "other" Diva, Jennifer Lopez is set to bedut her new line of apparel, accessories, and home goods at Kohls this fall. The good news? Everything is affordable, and less than $100! And, not to miss a marketing opportunity, she also will be in O The Magainze, for their September issue. Just in time for the release, no doubt!

A few highlights for you DITs (Divas in Training)

Everyone is a "everyday" woman, and is wearing pieces from her collection.

On the Diva herself: Faux-fur jacket, $100; gold sequin top, $84; wide leg pant, $84; post earring with heart drop, $20; hinge cuff bracelet, $28.

 Tweed tunic, $80; ponte pant, $70; circle drop earring, $18; mesh ring, $22; hinge cuff bracelet, $28; Lillian shoulder bag, $89.

Striped flyaway, $60; embellished neck tank, $48; embellished skirt, $60; chain-wrapped earrings, $24; mesh bangle bracelets, $28 for three; Brigette wristlet, $49; Ava peep-toe slingback, $70.

Turtleneck dress, $48; double-breasted wool coat, $150; faux-fireball clip earrings, $22; Kim satchel handbag, $99.
Photos courtesy Chris Craymer of O Magazine

The Diva has a stalker. Two, actually. They are two fabulous uber fashionable newly-married people that live in London and have been scouring the Internet looking up pictures of the Diva, and are constantly wondering what she is wearing, and what she is doing. Can you imagine??

Okay, she will fess up. The Diva is actually the stalker. She is only just a wee bit obsessed with William and Kate. And while the rest of the world is also, The Diva's opinion is the only one that matters, obviously.

And speaking of fashionable, Ms. Kate (Dutchess of Cambridge) has been spotted recycling fashion!! Can you even believe it? Its a good thing she is so fashionable, or else this would not be acceptable.

Kate turned up at the very highly-publicized wedding of Zara Phillips in a coat she had worn to another royal wedding back in 2006.

While other Divas might tun up their nose at this, The Diva thinks this is a fabulous, Down-to-earth thing to do. In fact, The Diva loves it so much, she thinks that Kate should come over and be BFFs with the Diva and they can go through each other's closet. That's not weird or stalker-ish is it?

Image via Chris Jackson/Getty Images
Hello my darling Divas! Where in the world have I been? Well, let's be honest, shall we? This Diva simply hasn't had time to devote to the Diva's Dressing Room. But, SHE'S BACK. And, yes, I know, I know...You need an explanation. Well, here is what the Diva has been up to:

New House
Traveled to Paris, Florida, California, New York, Georgia, Texas, Nevada, and some more fabulous places
Had a baby, actually TWO - boy, girl twins. Can you only imagine how much the Diva loves dressing them up? Mini Divas after all!
Got a new, bigger car.
New career

Sigh, that's all the Diva can think of for the moment. It has been BUSY. And now, she's back, ready to talk fashion and the like.

Welcome back my darlings!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Okay, The Diva giggles at the title of this post, but alas, she loves the look of the simple virgin-like white dress. And the good thing is that they are everywhere this summer. And in every different shape and price. A fashion idea? Pair it with a fab belt and boho necklace.

The Diva likes trends. She likes to pretend that she is classic chic and endlessly stylish. But, she loves a good trend. See, she said a GOOD trend. Some trends she can do without. She still has not bought or worn a pair of leggings. But she digs this rocker chic look of pairing a cropped leather jacket with a girly dress. She loves the contrast. She likes how its a fabulous way of dressing down an occasion. Its a great excuse to wear your oh so fab party dress to a casual dinner. Just throw on the jacket and you are good to go. So, be like The Divas BFF Nicole Richie and get one. Be part of the cool clique.

Monday, April 28, 2008


The Diva loves looks that are easy. She loves how things look like hours of style-setting, rather than a super quick 5 minutes. And as a Diva, she loves a bit of bling. So, there you are with a two for one! Easy peasy styling, and you look like a million bucks with the bit of bling. She lives the bejeweled headbands you are seeing everywhere this spring. Like, here, on the heads of the Divas BFFs Lauren Conrad and Maria Menounos. So, what do you think DITs? (Divas in Training)

You like? A few of The Diva's faves:

Jeweled headband from Delia's - $3.99!!

Gala Headband - $157