Thursday, September 28, 2006



The Diva simply cannot live without her heels. It really doesn't matter what they look like really, as long as they are at least 3 inches high. She feels it's not even worth your time to walk to the mailbox unless you are in 3 inch heels. Sure, she understands that thanks to Mischa Barton, the ballet flats are all the "rage". And that flip flops are now the "trend".But she would rather you just take a bus to Oklahoma and work on the farm if it is all the same to you. However, she swears she does not purposely wear heels to tower over people to intimidate them and make them feel beneath her...however, she does accept this as an added benefit.

She is simply ooooogling these Guess "Rommy" Pumps. They come in camel and milk chocolate, and thinks they are the perfect shoe to transition you into the fall season. And the uber-trendy round toe is guaranteed to get stares from men and women alike. And a 4-inch heel? Why...that just made her swoon with delight.

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