Monday, December 31, 2007


Wow! The Diva thinks these ladies are bargain shoppers, or that Vera Wang has placed a call to her BFFs, begging for some red carpet action. Both Reese Witherspoon and Anne Hathaway wore her Simply Vera Wang black coat. Reese to a charity event in LA, and Anne on a dinner date on NYC. So, what do you think? Whos the Diva? (number one) and Number two, do you even like this coat? The Diva seems to think it swallows both ladies! But she thinks Anne is the Diva.

Square Lux Ring in Jet

Rachel Leighs Square Lux Ring in Jet - $110

The Diva suggests that you should not neglect your fingers. They are a body part that oozes sexuality and are desperate to get noticed. They, too want to look glamorous and accessorized. Dress them up in this oh so fab Rachel Leighs designed Square Lux Ring in Jet. It has a splash of classic chic and glam, but in jet black to have that bad girl as well. Materials: silver with jet stone Size: 3/4 inch diameter Designer Style No. 4402

Oh, and DITs (Divas in Training) you are only allowed to try this look if you follow these two rules:
1. Wear only one ring per hand. It is not 1986.2. Do not neglect your nails. Pretty rings need pretty nails. (and hello, what a perfect excuse to pamper yourself with a manicure!)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Every Diva should have certain staples in her Dressing Room. The perfect black stilettos. The perfect clutch. The perfect pair of jeans. And a Juicy Couture velour suit. There is no better way to look casual chic. Seriously, The Diva insists you purchase one immediately. She has one in almost every color. They are immensely comfortable and immensely acceptable to wear almost everywhere. Go ahead, get one in every color. Blue, black, pink, green, purple, red, etc. Seriously a gazillion.
Juicy Couture Velour Track Jacket - $94
Juicy Couture Velour Drawstring Pant - $82

Juicy Couture Velour Long Sleeve Track Jacket

Juicy Couture Velour Drawstring Pant

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Diva has squashed the notion that no white is to be worn after Labor Day. Just the other she she wore these pants with a black sweater and mustard heels, and she must say she looked damn fine. There is something so clean and crisp about white pants. Especially in winter! I mean, helllllooooo, Snow is WHITE for a reason. It is pretty! And she does not think you can find a better pant than these from Alice + Olivia. The wide leg and low waist make this a must have this season. And the slant pockets and single pleat make it such a classy cut. And they are on sale!! Even better. Like she says, they are easy to migrate into fall and winter. She loves the black and white look. Wide leg.8" rise. 34.5" inseam.58% linen/40% viscose/2% lycra.

Alice + Olivia Eric Pleated Wide Leg Pant

Reg. $253 SALE! $126.50
Sometimes The Diva thinks there is simple nothing more sexy that a woman in fab jeans and tee. And no, she is not talking about Britney Spears in Lee jeans and a Hanes Her Way. She is talking more long the lines of Victoria Beckham, with some fab long Rock and Republic jeans and a cut vintage tshirt, like this one from Hank Vintage Threads. Hanks comfortable cotton tees and signature crown designs are fit for fashion royalty. The Short Sleeve Fleur de Lis Crown Tee is a lightweight, feather jersey tee with a vintage faded crown icon. A smaller crown appears on the upper back. And if there are any two things that go together like peanut butter and jelly, it is The Diva and Royalty Crowns.

Short Sleeve Fleur De Lis Crown Tee

Hank Vintage Threads Short Sleeve Fleur de Lis Crown Tee - $80

Available in white and terracotta

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Diva loves accessories. Her Dressing Room is full of them. She is in love with the chunky belt trend right now. It is such a fab accent that literally can make a tshirt and jean ensemble pop. Go ahead, turn heads this season and give it a try. Wear your shirt untucked and wear the belt low on your waist. You may not turn as many heads and The Diva, but then again, that is to be expected. She is A Diva after all.

Vintage Pounded Metal Leather Belt in Brown

Bill Adler Vintage Pounded Metal Leather Belt in Brown - $106


Say you are wearing a drop dead gorgeous outfit for a night our with your man or a night our with the girls. You have bought a special shimmery top that almost cost you your entire week's paycheck - but it was worth it. You look and feel like a million bucks. As you are walking out the door, you grab your old leather handbag.


The Diva demands you not ever DARE mess up that outfit with your "everyday" bag. (and she doesn't get nasty that often - well, ok, so maybe she does - sue her) You simply MUST get you a proper evening clutch. And metallics are the IN color this season. Yes ma'am, gold and silver go with everything, and they are fabulous. Here are three in every price range, so there will no excuses.

Silvered Pewter Leather Evening Clutch -$99

Gold Leather Swarovski Crystal Clasp - $149

Swarovski Crystal Soft Mesh Clutch - $249

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Diva has lots of late nights. As much as she loves to be beautiful (and she always is) she sometimes neglects her beauty sleep. That is why a must in her dressing room is proper concealer. Proper, mind you. Not the cheap stuff that looks like paste under your eyes. A true Diva knows how to properly apply it. Hint - use your ring finger! It is the most delicate finger and applies just the right amount of makeup. You might say is is her secret weapon. No one knows of the late night partying The Diva partakes in. And shhhhh. Neither do you.


The Diva has a belief in makeup. It is that you pick one feature and go strong with it. That is ONE feature DITs! (Divas in Training) not three! It is either eyes OR lips. NOT Both.

This season, it is all about the strong smoky eyes. It is an easy do that looks amazing for the holidays. One thing that The Diva feels VERY strongly about it having a good brush set. It is virtually impossible to create the look for a smoky eye without a decent blend. And you cannot have a decent blend without a decent brush. Kapeesh?

Ramy Brush Set - $75

In sweet, fab Sable hair, the Ramy brush set is the only brushes you will ever need to create any makeup look! It includes Natural bristle angled Blush brush, synthetic square eyeliner brush, Sable eyeshadow brush, Sable Lip brush and Sable eye definer brush. All in the coolest, travel friendly case youve ever seen!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Wow. Something smells DIVINE. Is that you, Diva?

Oh, my, she wishes she could take credit. She actually does smell divine. But those smells coming from her dressing room are the amazing Tocca Candles. They are so heavenly she thinks she might have passed out for a minute (oh. oops. that was the vodka)

None the less, these literally are the most amazing candles you will ever buy. And the Diva never lies. Get one for your dressing room, your bedroom, your boudoir, your powder room, and your kitchen. And with scents named such glamorous names such as Cleopatra, Grace, Tahiti, and 007, you can't help but fall in love.

Full-sized, glass-filled aromatic candle. Tocca Candles measures 3.25" wide by 3.5" tall, approximate burn time: 60 hours, net weight: 10.6 oz.
$36.00 each

Oooooooo, how fun is this?? If you are looking for new and exciting things for your parties, this is it my dears! The Diva is completely fascinated by this gizmo. After all, she likes to seem as utterly professional as possible at gatherings. Even if she fails miserably.

Wine Enthusiast Liqour Carousel - $29.99
So easy to use! Just place your glass underneath a bottle, lift up, and Shot Steward will pour out a perfect 1-oz. shot. Holds up to six 1 liter bottles.


  • Bottles rotate for easy selection
  • Marble base
  • Carousel automatically refills the dispenser so it is ready to serve
  • Classic style makes a great bar display while conveniently storing your liquor
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Easy to clean
  • Spins 360 degrees
  • Measures: 21.13""H x 9.75""D

CL by Laundry Flashlight Women's Boots - $49.99

How sexy are these boots?? The Diva has fallen in love. High, high high are the heels on these. 4 inches! They are simply a must for every Divas wardrobe. And OH MY, how fab would these look with the trendy Trench Coat that is all the rage this season. And at $49.99 you seriously can afford to buy both in the black and mocha. So do so and get sexified.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Okay, so in case you haven't heard, the uber sexy David Beckham is the new face of Armani underwear. Now, you are asking, what does this have to do with the Diva and her Dressing Room? Well, nothing really, but he is so EFFING HOT! And I thought you would enjoy looking at him as much as The Diva does. And, really, Armani is fashion, right? Right.

The Diva's BFF (the newly preggo!!) Jessica Alba loovves scarves. That is why is came as no surprise that she has been popping up in magazines everywhere sporting this bright, multi colored number. She how stylish she is and how she wears it? The Diva thinks it is perfectly acceptable to wear it just as Jess, with dresses and even tees. Want the look for less? Check out Urban Outfitters.
pic source: people
If you follow the few rules that The Diva lives by, she guarantees that you will live a fab life. (Well, she may not guarantee it, but she sure has alot of fun)

Anywho, one her her many rules is that a party is only as good as its drink ware. I mean, how are your guests supposed to have a fab time when they are drinking out of boring old stemware?? That is why she is obsessed with fun, flirty stemware, and these cute glasses from the Mikasa "Cheer Clears" collection have never let her down. I mean, are these so cute you just want to vomit?

Mikasa "Clear Cheers" Stemware
Your Choice $ 29.99

The Dining Delights Deluxe - $99.95

Are you looking for something to buy The Diva for Christmas? Well, one thing that you know about her is her love for alcohol. And not just any alcohol. She loves martinis, she loves cosmos, and she loves wine. And one bottle will surely never do. She can finish that in an hour. So, then how to solve the problem??? I know!! How about The Dining Delights Deluxe from Wines Direct? In this fab pack you will get 3 Whites, 3 Reds & 1 Cookbook. This collection of six spectacular wines comes complete with the I Love to Cook Book by Lauren Groveman. So, see? The Diva can drink up the wine and pass along the cookbook to her personal chef. All is well.
Well, my DITs (Divas in Training), the Holiday Season is officially upon us. If you are like moi, you only have one goal this season. And that is, of course, to look better than everyone at the fabulous parties!! Well, my lovelies, you are in luck. Because I have some glam picks to make sure you will succeed in that goal. Oh, and don't forget to get a fab bag to carry as well.

Calvin Klein Surplice V-Neck Velvet Dress
Reg. $178.00
Sale $133.50

Cielo by Froxx Boat-Neck Dress with Kimono Belt

Steve Madden Silk Deep V-Neck Kimono-Sleeve Dress

Fever Metallic Drop-Waist Dress