Monday, April 28, 2008


The Diva loves looks that are easy. She loves how things look like hours of style-setting, rather than a super quick 5 minutes. And as a Diva, she loves a bit of bling. So, there you are with a two for one! Easy peasy styling, and you look like a million bucks with the bit of bling. She lives the bejeweled headbands you are seeing everywhere this spring. Like, here, on the heads of the Divas BFFs Lauren Conrad and Maria Menounos. So, what do you think DITs? (Divas in Training)

You like? A few of The Diva's faves:

Jeweled headband from Delia's - $3.99!!

Gala Headband - $157

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Sometimes when the Diva leaves for the day, she is feeling a little less than inspired. When this happens she rushes back to her Dressing Room and puts on some of Amy Peters fab jewelry. Made famous by Elizabeth Hasselbeck on Survivor, her designs have also been seen on the necks of Halle Berry and Courtney Cox Arquette. The Divas favorite?

The Dreams Come True Chunky Choker

Dreams Come True
Available As:
16" Necklace ($50.00)
18" Necklace ($55.00)
Keyring ($45.00)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Must you sacrifice style to be eco-chic? Oh no, says the Diva. The Diva loves a time to celebrate. Doesn't matter - Birthdays, Holidays, Flag Day, Grandparents Day - what have you. In The Diva's eyes, this is a time to grab a martini and celebrate! And it is no different with Earth Day. Why not take some time and shop with some eco-friendly store who have eco-friendly stylish finds. The Diva assures you, your girlfriends will be Green with Envy when they see you carrying this fabulous must-have spring accessory. How "green" is this fab clutch you ask? Its buckles are vintage and the leather comes from remnants from the furniture industry and it is lined with bronze silk. Lovely!! £49.99 at Love Eco.

Friday, April 18, 2008


Well, maybe not EXACTLY a Godess, but close enough, thanks to these fab new spring trends. The Diva loves this look. It's carefree, chic, stylish, and oh so easy to pull off. And it is everywhere! From tops, to skirts, to dresses, handbags, shoes,and even hair accessories! Do you have to do everything at once? Of course not. Add one or two things to your existing wardrobe and you can be a springtime Diva in no time.

One World Crochet-Trim Floral-Print Babydoll Top

DKNY Jeans Sheer Butterfly-Sleeve Top


Frye "Dolly Jeweled" T-Strap Sandal

Thursday, April 17, 2008

There is something about yellow shoes this year that makes The Diva giggle with joy. They are the perfect springtime accent color. The trick to wearing yellow shoes is not to match it with a yellow top. Oh no. Wear it with red, or blue, black, pick, or green. The possibilities are endless.

Be a trendsetter in every price range.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Ooooh, she is SUCH a DIVA. So much so that she only bathes in fabulous, luxurious soap. After all, when you have a body like The Divas, only certain soaps will do. Soap from a drugstore or grocery store? Why, The Diva would never hear of it.

When she came across Mi-Spa online, she absolutely had to look around for a special treat. And treated she was!! Mi-Spa is a unique online bah and body boutique that is inspired by century old Asian cleansing power of rice, also known as 'mi' in Chinese. They describe their line as unique and harmonious. Their fab products are said to be blended of the finest essential oils, exotic butters, aromatic fragrances & natural herbs with rice bran oil & other rice extracts to indulge skin in pure bliss.

Some favorites that The Diva gobbled up:

Scented with Sake!! - Rice Soap - $7.95

Coconut Lemongrass Soap - $7.95

Or get the whole Darn Collection for $29.50 subscription

Refill-mi soap subscription - $29.50

Yes, she admits it. Although quite the fashionable Diva, she regretfully admits she is obsessed with her laptop. Some of her BFFs such as Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton tote around their cute little pups in their cute carriers. Well, the Diva does the same for her laptop. And its the same type of love, believe you me. All she needs are the cute carrying cases and she will be all set. But here is the problem - where oh where to find a fabulously chic laptop case? This was a challenging treasure hunt. She loves the leather ones that you see from fab stores like Coach, but sometimes a Diva needs to be a Diva! That is why she is loving these stylish laptop bags from Kailo Chic. It comes in six stylish designs, and can fit a PC or a Mac!
A couple of faves below:

Mod Green Squares - $69.99

Black and White Damask - $69.99

A piece in every Divas wardrobe should be a luxurious robe. Something to wear while lounging in your Dressing Room. Or if it happened that you are also drinking a mimosa, well, then so be it. The Divas latest purchase? This uber FAB, super soft Organic Terry Robe from Gaiam. In five delicious colors. You can even get one for assistant, if you so desire. After all, she will be serving you mimosas. And psssttt...its organic!


Wrapping up in the thick luxury of our Organic Cotton Terry Robe is just about as comforting as a welcoming embrace from a friend. The hand of the absorbent 100% pure organically grown cotton is as soft and inviting as a favorite blanket, while the matching belt keeps it securely snuggled against you. this best-selling robe is pure indulgence. Imported.

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Diva is a lady. She does have these careless "personal" wardrobe malfunctions like some of her celebrity BFFs. Oh no. She knows better. I mean, there are simply too many fabulous products on the market for this to happen! Her favorite? The Hollywood Fashion Tape Hollywood Nights Evening Bag Essentials. It is stocked full of everythign a Diva might need for those (ahem) last minute mishaps. This kit includes Hollywood's best kept secret; the original Hollywood Fashion Tape, Oil Blotting Film to keep your face shine-free, Make-Out Mints for fresh breath, a lighted mirror for check-ups, and a travel tin that's perfect for carrying a few strips of Fashion Tape + credit cards and cash! All for $25

Hollywood Nights Evening Bag Essentials Includes:

The Original! Hollywood Fashion Tape® (36 easy-to-use clear double-stick strips)
The stars' secret apparel and body tape
Holds your clothing in place
Hide bra straps
Eliminate blouse gaps
Anchor shoe straps
Close wrap styles
Fix hems fast
Secure revealing necklines
Hold up strapless tops

Hollywood Oil Blotting Film™ (30 sheets)
Keep your face oil and shine free without disturbing your make-up. Use a single sheet to blot away shine.

Hollywood Travel Tin™
Perfect for a few strips of tape, credit cards and cash.

Hollywood Make-Out Mints™ (0.7oz./19g.)
Keep your breath romance ready.

Hollywood Light Up Mirror
Check your make-up or the hottie behind you.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Diva admits it. She has a teeny tiny obsession wth American Idol. However, in her defense, so does the rest of the country. So, when she is in her Dressing Room beautifying herself for a noght out, her music of choice has been the current American Idol finalist tracks. (sigh) If only she could be an American Idol. I guess she will have to settle for being a Diva.

Apple iTunes

As you know, The Diva is all about the late nights and early mornings. And there have been many a day where the mere thought of washing her hair is almost too time-consuming to bear. However, she has always pulled though, because after all, she is The Diva, and her fans expect her to look nothing but her glam self. Buuuuuutttt, she is quite interested in the new trend of hair scarves. Sure, we can credit it the Latina Diva J.Lo for starting the trend, but its has sure caught on. Now Diva BFFs such as Nicole Richie, Eva Longoria, and Lindsay Lohan have caught this trend. (Divas thoughts are that these ladies also suffer from the late nights, but she digresses) Anywho, The Diva loves this look. She gives it a perfect 10. But please ladies, no tacky scarves, m-kay? For heaven's sake, you can get FAB ones at Target! No excuses.

Thursday, April 03, 2008


Being the Diva that she is, she is obsessed with her name. It's on everything: sheets, towels, purses, pillowcases, jewelry, etc. You name it, her name is on it. But the trick is this: Nothing Tacky, Everything Classy. Trust me, there are many a southern lady who wears tacky monogrammed jewelry that is so over the top you want to sign her up for the community production of Steel Magnolias. So, go with the Diva - Dainty and Divine. That is why she immediately ordered this fab gold necklace from jewelry designer Danielle Stevens. It's minimal, dainty, and in trendy gold that is all the rage. And at $75, it's a steal.