Friday, October 13, 2006


Picture this: Its Saturday Night and you are on your way to a v. social get-together amongst friends. You have always wanted to be fabulous, just did not know how. You have bought this ultra fab super glam black dress. You know it will make you stand out, but its just not enough. You think, what is that one thing that will make heads turn? What is going to be your ONE special piece that people will remember? What will make people say, "Well, that girl obviously knows style."

The Diva knows from experience. She has the RAIN earrings from Prismera Design. The Diva has never worn a piece of jewelry that so many people have commented on. They are oooohhh so simple, chic and elegant. Laura Su knows what she is doing. Every piece is extremely high quality and handmade. They are created with 14K or sterling, with pristine, faceted Czech crystals, Austrian crystals by Swarovski and Preciosa.

RAIN - $50.00

These are the longest earrings The Diva has ever seen. Oh so elegant. The drops mingle in long hair like raindrops. Beautiful Preciosa cut crystal, sterling silver. Available in crystal or light rose. Falls an unbelievable 7.25" from ear. (can you even begin to imagine how effing fabulous I look in these??)

Debutante -$62.00

Falling 4 inches, these and so classy, so chic. Piles of sterling chain finished with black diamond crystals create a perfect sheath of mystery. (Can you not see yourself as a debutante in these?)

Countess - $98.00

Think Bridal Chic. Intricate sterling filigree with a sparkling blue topaz briolette. Make it your something blue.

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