Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Every Diva has a secret. Be it: how many men she has slept with, double-sided tape, padded bras, or....super-secret discount shopping. And really, that is why you keep coming to her site, right? To hope that The Diva will divulge her inner-most secrets. But, she hopes that this secret is one you hopefully already know: She has been shopping here almost since its inception in 1998. The Diva finds it impossible to find so many fabulous designers all in one place. Want Prada or Via Spiga heels? Fabulous. Hermes or BCBG handbag? You got it. Nicole Miller or Betsy Johnson dress? You bet. Bellino bed linens? Oooooooo.....

You can be assured that you will be overwhelmed at the style. But she also thinks that if you have an alcoholic beverage, it makes the shopping easier.

Via Spiga - $117.00
BCBG - $106.99

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nicole said...

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