Sunday, December 03, 2006 Fitness Equipment Store

I don't know about you, but The Diva lives in denial this time of year. She wasn't the one who snagged that last crab puff. She wasn't the one who drank the last of the Sangria. Looking for the person who snuck the last little bit of turkey and dressing? Don't look to The Diva. She'll simply deny everything. But, also do not find it surprising to see boxes of fitness equipment and active wear arriving at her door. See, The Diva will deny she stuffs her face during the holidays, but yet she also seems to be more interested in fitness and working out too. Hmmmm. Me thinks there is something here that just doesn't add up...

anyway, one thing she has recently been obsessed with is Pilates. Thats why she loves Melissa Walker's Pilates Anywhere, Anytime Kit. So easy, so convenient and all in one box! The kit includes SPRI Xertubes, Door Attachments, Exercise Mat and Instructional Video all for $48.99. And free shipping! So, get to working out. Noone likes a Flabby Florence.

SPRI Pilates Anywhere, Anytime Kit, presented by Melissa Walker


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