Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ahhh, The Diva's old BFF Kate Moss. The Diva does agree that she is and always will be a style icon. However, The Diva regrets Kate's poor taste in footwear. (no 3 inch heel?? hellloo)While you may think it is quite suitable (and maybe in style) to wear moccasin boots, The Diva suggests you refrain from wearing these unless

1. It is Halloween and you are dressed Tiger Lilly
2. It is Halloween and you are dressed as Pocahontas

However, The Diva still loves Ms. Moss and if her readers do too, then The Diva must oblige. So here: You can get these oh so snazzy Women's Minnetonka Front Lace Boots at for $63.45. Just please do not buy them for The Diva as a gift.

oh, and P.S: Kate, please stop stalking The Diva with your emails and phone calls. She simply thinks the boots are frigging ugly.

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