Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Yes, she admits it. Although quite the fashionable Diva, she regretfully admits she is obsessed with her laptop. Some of her BFFs such as Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton tote around their cute little pups in their cute carriers. Well, the Diva does the same for her laptop. And its the same type of love, believe you me. All she needs are the cute carrying cases and she will be all set. But here is the problem - where oh where to find a fabulously chic laptop case? This was a challenging treasure hunt. She loves the leather ones that you see from fab stores like Coach, but sometimes a Diva needs to be a Diva! That is why she is loving these stylish laptop bags from Kailo Chic. It comes in six stylish designs, and can fit a PC or a Mac!
A couple of faves below:

Mod Green Squares - $69.99

Black and White Damask - $69.99