Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Ooooh, she is SUCH a DIVA. So much so that she only bathes in fabulous, luxurious soap. After all, when you have a body like The Divas, only certain soaps will do. Soap from a drugstore or grocery store? Why, The Diva would never hear of it.

When she came across Mi-Spa online, she absolutely had to look around for a special treat. And treated she was!! Mi-Spa is a unique online bah and body boutique that is inspired by century old Asian cleansing power of rice, also known as 'mi' in Chinese. They describe their line as unique and harmonious. Their fab products are said to be blended of the finest essential oils, exotic butters, aromatic fragrances & natural herbs with rice bran oil & other rice extracts to indulge skin in pure bliss.

Some favorites that The Diva gobbled up:

Scented with Sake!! - Rice Soap - $7.95

Coconut Lemongrass Soap - $7.95

Or get the whole Darn Collection for $29.50 subscription

Refill-mi soap subscription - $29.50

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