Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Must you sacrifice style to be eco-chic? Oh no, says the Diva. The Diva loves a time to celebrate. Doesn't matter - Birthdays, Holidays, Flag Day, Grandparents Day - what have you. In The Diva's eyes, this is a time to grab a martini and celebrate! And it is no different with Earth Day. Why not take some time and shop with some eco-friendly store who have eco-friendly stylish finds. The Diva assures you, your girlfriends will be Green with Envy when they see you carrying this fabulous must-have spring accessory. How "green" is this fab clutch you ask? Its buckles are vintage and the leather comes from remnants from the furniture industry and it is lined with bronze silk. Lovely!! £49.99 at Love Eco.

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Some Like it Vintage said...

That is a beautiful clutch purse - can't beat that it is eco friendly!