Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A piece in every Divas wardrobe should be a luxurious robe. Something to wear while lounging in your Dressing Room. Or if it happened that you are also drinking a mimosa, well, then so be it. The Divas latest purchase? This uber FAB, super soft Organic Terry Robe from Gaiam. In five delicious colors. You can even get one for assistant, if you so desire. After all, she will be serving you mimosas. And psssttt...its organic!


Wrapping up in the thick luxury of our Organic Cotton Terry Robe is just about as comforting as a welcoming embrace from a friend. The hand of the absorbent 100% pure organically grown cotton is as soft and inviting as a favorite blanket, while the matching belt keeps it securely snuggled against you. this best-selling robe is pure indulgence. Imported.