Saturday, September 23, 2006

Bag Borrow Or Steal, Inc.


The Diva loves designer hangbags. I mean, who wouldn't?? Certainly not her. She always must carry absolutely the latest styles and trends. She is a trendsetter after all, and what would people think if she carried last year's style?? Egads. The Diva doesn't even want to think about that. Thats why she just adores Bag Borrow Or Steal. Bag Borrow Or Steal is a subscription-based program that allows members to pay just $9.95 a month and borrow bags from a virtual closet filled with thousands of selections from over 100 top-name designers. Each member simply finds her dream bag, borrows it, and returns it for another whenever she’s ready for something new. The Diva thinks this is genius. Not that she can't just buy them herself, of course, but sometimes she simply has too many outfits to match.

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