Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Opulence Bath Sheets with FREE monogram

$6.99 to $54.99

The Diva doesn't know if it is because she is a true Southern Belle or not, but she tried to seriously monogram everything she owns. Be it pillow cases, towels, table runners, or napkins you can bet her initials are on EVERYTHING. And that is as it should be, correct? So when she spots a new opportunity to get something monogrammed, she becomes obsessed. And when she sees that LinenSource is offering a FREE monogram with purchase, the poor Diva can barely contain herself. Offered in a fabulous array of 21 designer colors to match any stylish decor, the Opulence Bath Sheets are a amazing buy. And a FREE MONOGRAM! Okay, she needs to go take her Xanax now. (psst.. and they were also rated the best towel by Real Simple Magazine. Go take a peek)

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