Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Of course, one of the most important things about being a Diva is the importance of smelling like a million dollars. The Diva has about 100 different kinds of perfume. She wears them depending on what her plans are for the day. The Opera is one kind, a day of shopping requires another, and a Hollywood Premiere is a different scent else all together. That’s why she loves Fragrancenet.com. They have the absolute largest inventory of genuine, brand name fragrances, skincare, candles, aromatherapy and more at the lowest possible prices. So, she can totally stock up whenever she wants to. And wanna know what else? She is sharing her secret discount so that you too can stock up and get an extra 10% off your order. Just click the box below. You know, The Diva can be nice sometimes. (psst ..and don't forget your man. They have cologne too)


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