Friday, December 14, 2007

Wow. Something smells DIVINE. Is that you, Diva?

Oh, my, she wishes she could take credit. She actually does smell divine. But those smells coming from her dressing room are the amazing Tocca Candles. They are so heavenly she thinks she might have passed out for a minute (oh. oops. that was the vodka)

None the less, these literally are the most amazing candles you will ever buy. And the Diva never lies. Get one for your dressing room, your bedroom, your boudoir, your powder room, and your kitchen. And with scents named such glamorous names such as Cleopatra, Grace, Tahiti, and 007, you can't help but fall in love.

Full-sized, glass-filled aromatic candle. Tocca Candles measures 3.25" wide by 3.5" tall, approximate burn time: 60 hours, net weight: 10.6 oz.
$36.00 each

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