Monday, December 31, 2007

Square Lux Ring in Jet

Rachel Leighs Square Lux Ring in Jet - $110

The Diva suggests that you should not neglect your fingers. They are a body part that oozes sexuality and are desperate to get noticed. They, too want to look glamorous and accessorized. Dress them up in this oh so fab Rachel Leighs designed Square Lux Ring in Jet. It has a splash of classic chic and glam, but in jet black to have that bad girl as well. Materials: silver with jet stone Size: 3/4 inch diameter Designer Style No. 4402

Oh, and DITs (Divas in Training) you are only allowed to try this look if you follow these two rules:
1. Wear only one ring per hand. It is not 1986.2. Do not neglect your nails. Pretty rings need pretty nails. (and hello, what a perfect excuse to pamper yourself with a manicure!)

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