Saturday, December 15, 2007


The Diva has a belief in makeup. It is that you pick one feature and go strong with it. That is ONE feature DITs! (Divas in Training) not three! It is either eyes OR lips. NOT Both.

This season, it is all about the strong smoky eyes. It is an easy do that looks amazing for the holidays. One thing that The Diva feels VERY strongly about it having a good brush set. It is virtually impossible to create the look for a smoky eye without a decent blend. And you cannot have a decent blend without a decent brush. Kapeesh?

Ramy Brush Set - $75

In sweet, fab Sable hair, the Ramy brush set is the only brushes you will ever need to create any makeup look! It includes Natural bristle angled Blush brush, synthetic square eyeliner brush, Sable eyeshadow brush, Sable Lip brush and Sable eye definer brush. All in the coolest, travel friendly case youve ever seen!

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