Sunday, December 16, 2007


Say you are wearing a drop dead gorgeous outfit for a night our with your man or a night our with the girls. You have bought a special shimmery top that almost cost you your entire week's paycheck - but it was worth it. You look and feel like a million bucks. As you are walking out the door, you grab your old leather handbag.


The Diva demands you not ever DARE mess up that outfit with your "everyday" bag. (and she doesn't get nasty that often - well, ok, so maybe she does - sue her) You simply MUST get you a proper evening clutch. And metallics are the IN color this season. Yes ma'am, gold and silver go with everything, and they are fabulous. Here are three in every price range, so there will no excuses.

Silvered Pewter Leather Evening Clutch -$99

Gold Leather Swarovski Crystal Clasp - $149

Swarovski Crystal Soft Mesh Clutch - $249

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