Thursday, January 03, 2008

Companion Road® Tweed Coat with Faux Fur Trim - $29.99
Companion Road® Cheetah Vest - $29.99
Companion Road® Faux Fur Trim Sweater - $21.99
Companion Road® Knit Hat and Scarf Set - $9.99
The Diva says not to neglect your little babies. She is one to point out that all accessories should be fabulous. And seeing as her BFFs Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton seem to tote their pups around wherever they go, she does agree that they should look fabulous as well, no? Especially during the cold winter months! They should be just as warm and toasty as you. That is why she adores all the new outfits that PetSmarthas!
Outfit your pet in style! Thats what The Diva does. Ands she is always right.


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Shopaholic D said...

i got a little sweater for my corgi puppy for xmas from my SO's mom. he said when we got the puppy that i couldn't put any sweaters on him, but since the gift was from his mom, we had i can get more! :)

i like your picks!