Friday, January 11, 2008

$69.99 - Jessica Simpson plaid heels

If there has been one relationship in The Diva's life that she could honestly say was her longest lasting, most meaningful, it would have to be her relationship with shoes. You know that Sex and the City episode where Carrie goes to the baby shower and someone stole her Manolos? Well, if it were The Diva, you would see her picture on the front of The New York Times. The Heading would read

Diva goes crazy. Goes on shoe-crazy killing rampage.

And that would just not be good. But, alas, she does love them. She has not been super crazy about the new Jessica Simpson line, but there are a few that make her a bit giddy. She thinks Jessica tries to do too much with her line. If she would just keep the styles simple, she would do well. But she adds a buckle where there does not need to be. Or change the color of the heel when it doesn't need to but. Things like that drive The Diva nuts. But she does like this tan plaid style from Jessica's line. Its very winter chic. Very classy, She like patterned shoes.

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Jeff said...

hiiiiiiii! i love your blog!! first time visitor here!