Friday, August 12, 2011

The Diva has a stalker. Two, actually. They are two fabulous uber fashionable newly-married people that live in London and have been scouring the Internet looking up pictures of the Diva, and are constantly wondering what she is wearing, and what she is doing. Can you imagine??

Okay, she will fess up. The Diva is actually the stalker. She is only just a wee bit obsessed with William and Kate. And while the rest of the world is also, The Diva's opinion is the only one that matters, obviously.

And speaking of fashionable, Ms. Kate (Dutchess of Cambridge) has been spotted recycling fashion!! Can you even believe it? Its a good thing she is so fashionable, or else this would not be acceptable.

Kate turned up at the very highly-publicized wedding of Zara Phillips in a coat she had worn to another royal wedding back in 2006.

While other Divas might tun up their nose at this, The Diva thinks this is a fabulous, Down-to-earth thing to do. In fact, The Diva loves it so much, she thinks that Kate should come over and be BFFs with the Diva and they can go through each other's closet. That's not weird or stalker-ish is it?

Image via Chris Jackson/Getty Images

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