Monday, February 25, 2008


So, let's dish on the Oscar fashion. Personally, The Diva was very impressed. Very impressed indeed. You saw old Hollywood Glam. Nothing too trendy, nothing too flashy. The Diva loved the strapless looks of Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz, and Jennifer Garner. She also loved the off-the shoulder looks of Anne Hathaway and Katherine Heigel. Black is most definately the new black, as mucho celebs graced the midnight color last night. Her favorite trend? Red! The Diva agrees that nothing looks better with the red carpet than red dresses. Hot, Hot hot! What did you think DITs (Divas In Training)? Did anyone sizzle or fizzle in your eyes?
Here ae The Divas Top Fashion Picks!
Best overall look: Jennifer Garner
Best hair: Katherine Heigel
Worst overall look: Amy Adams
(seriously, what the eff were those things on her breasts? She looked like Helga from the Hagar the horrible comic strip)
Worst Hair: Cameron Diaz
(How many times can she just flop it up in the back for a "red carpet look"? She probably wears it the same way to the gym. No offense, darling - kisses!)

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